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5 Great Bars on the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is typically thought of as the stopping grounds of the working class—a bit gritty, and certainly not flashy or sophisticated. Yet there is a certain authenticity to this part of the city that gives it a panache all its own. Here are 5 great bars on the Lower East Side that you should check out to get that LES feel and have a great time!


1. Antler Bear & Wine Dispensary

If you’re looking for a great craft beer selection, this is the spot to stop. On Allen Street right above Delancy, Antler provides easy Friday night out. A rustic kind of anthropology vibe will have you not missing the hype at all, and instead enjoying a relaxing night with friends. Their prices are reasonable, and don’t stop at just beer, they also have an organic wine selection with some options on draft. They even have a back room with games and couches. In our opinion, Antler is on pace to be one of the best lounges in NYC!



2. Back Room

This speakeasy, one of my personal favorites, is going to require some extra effort to locate. You have to go down a set of steps (next to Sunita Bar) and through an underground hallway to find this gem. The teacups used for serving drinks and live jazz music creates that old fashion feel. It is one of only two speakeasies that were still in operation in NYC during the prohibition, so soak yourself up some history this weekend and check out one of the hottest lower east side bars.




3. Open House

Open House is the probably one of the chicest little lounges you’ll find on the Lower East Side. Host a fashionable party without all the drama (contact Birthdays and Bottles to arrange). There’s even a secret dance floor at Open House, but space is limited, so be prepared to make new friends! The music is hoppin’ so this is a great place to get people together and let loose on the weekends.






4. Spitzer’s Corner

Spitzer’s Corner is at the crossing of Ludlow and Rivington, and they are a gastropub experience you won’t forget. Start your night out with delicious American food and your choice of 40 draft beers, wine, or mixed drinks. They are pretty much famous for their truffle mac and cheese, and they have a new Darkhorse Oatmeal Stout (which I’m dying to try); Spitzer’s is up there on the list of top lower east side restaurants. It might be an early evening stop though, considering that the open seating fills pretty quickly. It would also be a great spot for day drinking, if that’s your thing.  It’s typically a pretty hoppin’ casual lounge.


5. M 1-5

Just outside the LES., this bar & lounge is the perfect place to spend a weekend night with friends. Happy hour is from 4-10pm, which is ultra convenient. It’s a casual atmosphere, but it also has a club feel, dancing, and great tunes, but all without the cover charge. A varied crowd makes everyone feel like they belong. This spot is also a great place for hosting parties (contact Birthdays and Bottles to arrange). No pomp and circumstance, just go and have a great time at M1-5!




Aside from being an uber cool and fun place to party in the city, the Lower East Side has an absolutely fascinating history. We encourage you to read about its history here and Gothamist’s 9 LES Facts You May Not KnowIf you liked this article and want to see more, visit our blog or like our Facebook page for great deals and venue suggestions in the city. Check out the other amazing NYC party lounges that we work with. Be sure to contact us today if you’re in need of an event planner, we’ll make your special night unforgettable! Birthdays and Bottles offers the best bottle service in NYC!


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