5 Reasons Why Your Next NYC Party Should Have an Open Bar

By Michele Ross,

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While New York City is famous for being a major party city, it’s also notorious for being seriously expensive. When planning your next celebration in the Big Apple, it might be in your best interest to opt for an open bar. Here’s five reasons why we’re fans of the NYC open bar option:

An open bar doesn’t leave you with next-day surprises (read: regrets).

How often have you checked your bank account to see hundreds of dollars spent on drinks the night before? While it may have seemed like a good idea to buy a round of shots for your friends, strangers, and friends of strangers, chances are you’ll be beating yourself up over poor financial decisions that seemed worth it at the time. With an open bar option, you’ll have a good handle of how much money you’ll be shelling out for the night. Plus, your net worth won’t have to take a hit for it the next day.


An open bar allows all of your guests to have a good time, even if they’re on a budget.

Nothing kills the vibes of a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, holiday party, or other celebration more than the need to spend more than you’re actually capable of affording. This type of situation might have guests feeling obligated, stressed, or avoidant of attending altogether. Instead of forcing some attendees to shell out more than they can (or clutching onto one slowly sipped drink for dear life over the course of the night), an open bar or bracelet option can allow them to confidently attend your shindig without feeling undue financial pressure.


An open bar can avoid issues that can potentially arise with shared bottle service.

Popping bottles is fun and all, but that fun can instantly come to a halt if the goods run dry mid-party. Some of us have strategically planned, budgeted, and split bottle service before. We know the horror when another bottle is necessary to keep the party going but isn’t financially accounted for, with one person likely to take the hit. An open bar is fair and square, leaving no loose ends to be handled thereafter.

An open bar allows you to let loose for a fun night out.

It’s simple: Choose a beer/wine/liquor option that works for you. Drink up, enjoy, and repeat.


There’s a variety of amazing open bar options in New York City.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go to a cheesy place targeted for the fake I.D. crowd to enjoy a cool and classy open bar in NYC. From the bi-level L.E.S. supper club Ms. Yoo to the new Glory on East Houston, Birthdays and Bottles partners with top-tier New York City venues to offer clients the open bar experiences they want and deserve. Contact us today to start planning your next party with sense and style.

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