5 Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC

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5 Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC


So you’re about to get hitched, huh? You’ve found the girl—the one—and you’re ready to go all in. Ok great. Now you gotta pick your boys, your boys that are going to stand next to you and be there when you make this big life transition and commitment. Now these aren’t just any boys. They are your boys. And since you’re about to tie the knot, it’s time to plan for you and the boys to have a little bit of fun before the big day. Yes, yes, it’s time for your bachelor party.We’re talking the hottest nightclub venues in NYC, people. Here’s a quick rundown of 5 best bachelor party spots in nyc that will give you the most unforgettable experience of your short-lived single days.


1. Marquee

Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC | MarqueeFor Marquee, let’s just say hot, hot, and hot. All the hottest DJs bringing you underground house music on Friday nights, and commercial house music on Saturday nights. That being said, this isn’t just the kind of club you get to waltz into (even if you have some hot chicks on your arm.) Of course you could try to get tickets, but your bachelor party is the time to splurge. Call us up at Birthday’s and Bottles and we will get you the VIP package you need to get in hassle-free and have the night of your life.




2. Cielo

Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC | CieloHoly sophistication for all lovers of electronic and house music. As a legend of New York’s dance music underground, Cielo isn’t like your typical VIP lounge with all the rules and red ropes. Of course, you’ll need to book with us to make sure you and the bachelor party get in, but once you’re inside: rule-free. With state of the art sound, a sunken dance floor lined with sleek banquettes, and smart lighting to set the mood, Cielo is the most specialized type of nightclub. Book here with us, and we will help you plan a bachelor party filled with dancing and a cultural sound experience unlike any other.


3. 1 Oak

Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC | 1 OakWe find this nightlife hub in the center of Chelsea, boasting a longstanding agreement with the nightlight of New York City: it will always be there. Waves of nightlife trends come and go in NYC. Yet 1 Oak has always been on the list of top nightclubs. With impeccable service, 1 Oak is a self acclaimed place for experiencing the new and unknown. Don’t put a limit on what your bachelor party might look like, instead, open yourself up to the passion of living on the edge.




4. Gilded Lily

Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC | Gilded LilyThis is a nightclub where you may or may not find a celebrity. But apparently, once you’re in, it’s all one and the same. Guest lists and space make getting in not quite the mess it used to be. But for your bachelor party, you’re going to want us to a book a VIP table for you. This venue recruits a more mature crowd – though whether they be mature in age and manor is debatable. This gem is tucked under the Monarch Room, an upscale restaurant in Chelsea on 15th street. Spend your bachelor party in luxury here at the Gilded Lily.


5. Tao

Best Bachelor Party Spots in NYC | TAO NYCThe food, the drinks, the lights, the mood. Now here is a place where you can have the ultimate bachelor party experience. This is your iconic nightclub, with solicitous service, a sophisticated crowd, and room to let loose. The Japanese inspired aesthetic makes it feel like you were stepping into an exotic Asian temple. Since Tao NYC isn’t the kind of nightclub you just walk into, book your VIP event here with us so that we can handle all the details and all you have to do is show up and have the fun with you and the rest of your bachelor party!


Now that you know where the hottest bachelor party spots in NYC are, what’s holding you back? Your single days are numbered so make them count! Let’s make your last massive party as a single male an absolute rager! Contact us today to start planning your epic bachelor party in NYC. We also recommend reading Thrillist’s How To Plan The Perfect Bachelor Party and Pinterest’s Bachelor Party IdeasAnd if you liked this article and want to see more, visit our blog or like our Facebook page for great deals and venue suggestions in the city. Check out the other amazing NYC PARTY LOUNGES that we work with. Birthdays and Bottles offers the BEST BOTTLE SERVICE IN NYC!

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