Slate NYC

54 W. 21st Street, 5th & 6th Avenue
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Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Flatiron District
Dress Code: Casual
Bottle Service Prices: Bottle Menu

If no Bottle Service Menu is available, please email us with any questions

Slate NYC

This large lounge and event space in Flatiron is perfect for especially big groups looking to party. Inside you’ll find a sleek interior design and layout that gets you in the mood for a great night out – it’s been rated one of the most elegant and exciting venues in the city and for good reason – easily a top fun place to go in NYC. The Plus Lounge inside Slate NYC features plush sofas ready to support a high-energy party or relaxed intimate evening with close friends. Big plush chairs in the lounge area create a vibrant social, living-room atmosphere. Adjacent to the lounge area stands a wall-to-wall line of twelve foot doors, which when opened, expose an intimate VIP lounge and dining area called ‘The Studio’. The lounge’s central midtown location – 54 West 21st Street – makes it an ideal place to host your party, no matter where you live in the city. The Slate NYC dress code is pretty standard: no ripped jeans, hats, hoodies, or sneakers. Slate NYC bottle service is top of the line as well. If you’re looking to stop by after work, Slate NYC happy hour is top class – ask us about drink prices. For all these attributes, this spot happens to be one of our favorite lounges in New York City and comes highly recommended by the myriad of clients we have sent here.



Free Package

  • Free bottle (20+ people)
  • Free Entry
  • VIP Table

VIP Package

  • Buy 2 Bottles Get 1 Free
  • VIP Table


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