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Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: East Village
Dress Code: Casual
Bottle Service Prices: Bottle Menu

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Open House Bar NYC is tucked away from the busy NYC streets behind a wooden façade. The space very cooly portrays the image of a charming contemporary home. Since opening its doors, Open House Bar has been an inviting space that welcomes the discerning crowd. Open House Bar offers a vintage glam appeal where a mixture of flea market-style décor and bric-à-brac are mixed and matched. Fashionably worn antique furnishings intermingle with chic modern accents, creating a luxurious ambiance and making it one of the most stylish lounges in NYC. Open House Club NYC’s exposed brick walls, gauzy earthy tones and warm lighting fixtures infuse a cozy atmosphere. Bespoke tables add refinement with hints of rustic elements of copper wheat pennies, buffalo nickels and vintage marbles.

The décor isn’t the only aspect of Open House Bar that has such different tastes melded together to form one single delicious experience. The drinks: from the Black Manhattan (Santa Theresa Rum 1796, Bonal Wine Aperitif, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters), to the After Midnight (Woodford Reserve, White Crème de Menthe, White Crème de Cacao, Rinse of Absinthe), to the Sour Match (Ritten House 100 proof, ¾ lemon, ½ maple syrup), the libations are just as eclectic as the interior design. All this and more makes it one of the best Lower East Side Bars.

To book a party at Open House Bar NYC and get your mix-n-match on, contact us today.


Free Package

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  • Two Bottles of Vodka
  • VIP Table
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