Lovage Rooftop

Type: Rooftop Bar and Lounge
Neighborhood: Theatre District

Step out into a dream as you make your way across walnut herringbone floors, through chainmail columns and ease yourself into a velvet-covered piece of furniture. You certainly won’t miss out on seeing your stunning reflection in the magnificent laser-cut mercury brick wall.


M1-5 Lounge

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: TriBeCa

The black and red interior is decorated with three murals depicting a graffiti tag, a trio of prostitutes, and the Manhattan skyline. The influence of nearby Industrial Plastics can be seen in the red screens on the front windows and the red plastic holders in the exposed-bulb chandeliers.

  • monarch nyc lounge

  • Monarch NYC

  • The Monarch Rooftop Lounge NYC

  • Monarch Rooftop Lounge

  • Monarch Rooftop NYC

Monarch Rooftop

Type: Rooftop Hotel Lounge
Neighborhood: Midtown

Nightlife impresario Richard Addison has opened the 5,000 square foot Monarch Rooftop Lounge. Boasting an impressively expansive interior & exterior, Monarch is set atop an 18th Floor Penthouse.


Mr. Jones

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

This venue is truly the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. Book your next even through Birthday’s & Bottles and let us plan a stress-free event for you at this timeless venue. You surely will not be disappointed.


Ms. Yoo

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

This awesome bi-level space is located at 163 Allen Street in the Lower East Side, known as NYC nightlife party neighborhood. Ms Yoo fits in well with the cocktail bar vibe.

  • Open House Bar NYC - Glow Rods

  • Open House Bar NYC

  • Open House Bar NYC

  • Open House bar nyc 3

  • Open House Club NYC

  • Open House Bar NYC - Main Bar Area

  • Open House Lounge NYC - Main Lounge Area

Open House Bar

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: East Village

Portraying the image of a charming contemporary home, Open House is tucked away behind a weathered wood façade. Since opening its doors in 2012, Open House has been an inviting space that welcomes the discerning crowd.

  • Slate NYC - Pool Tables

  • Slate NYC - seating area

  • slate nyc venue

  • slate nyc dancefloor

Slate NYC

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Flatiron District

Slate NYC is the perfect place to party in NYC. With its generous size and fun atmosphere, Slate NYC is sought after by many partygoers. The space promotes a sleek interior design, which stays true to comfort and functionality. Slate’s Plus Lounge features restful sofas that are ready to support a high-energy party or relaxed intimate evening with close friends.

49 Grove Street

Type: Dance Club / Lounge
Neighborhood: West Village

Located in the heart of the West Village, 49 Grove is an upscale lounge that exudes the ambiance characteristic of big city life.‹ ‹Four well defined rooms filled with over-sized leather couches and classic decor make this venue ideal for nightlife parties and special events.

  • The bar of the original Ainsworth in Chelsea, New York.

  • Additional pictures of The Ainsworth in Chelsea

Ainsworth NYC

Type: Lounge / Bar
Neighborhood: Chelsea

The Ainsworth is a full scale lounge, restaurant, and event space. This 6,000 square foot space brings together the rustic chicness that is the chelsea flower district
and merges it with the delicate balance of food and flavor and fun that Manhattan is known for.

Ainsworth Park

Type: Lounge / Restaurant
Neighborhood: Gramercy

Ainsworth Park is a 7000 square ft. upscale restaurant and lounge, located in the heart of Gramercy & Union Square. The space features 65 TV’s covered in antique mirror, 4 private areas for corporate and private events, and a 60 ft patio.

Bounce Sporting Club

Type: Sports Bar / Dance Club
Neighborhood: Flatiron District​

Bounce Sporting Club in NYC offers its clientele an atmosphere of unparalleled style and entertainment. Bounce NYC echoes a modern sports bar atmosphere, coupled with an upscale ambiance. Inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, the 4,000 sq. ft space features cutting edge designs and plush banquette seating.

  • The Cellar Bar NYC

  • Cellar Bar NYC

  • bryant park cellar bar nyc

  • cellar bar bryant park

Cellar Bar at The Bryant Park Hotel

Type: Hotel Lounge / Bar‹
Neighborhood: Gramercy

For a dark and sexy experience in New York City, look no further than the underground Cellar Bar, located in the Bryant Park Hotel. Cellar Bar offers its patrons an elegant and unforgettable nightlife experience.

  • Co-op Restaurant NYC

  • co-op nyc

  • co-op food and drink nyc

CO-OP Food and Drink @ the Hotel on Rivington

Type: Restaurant and Lounge
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Located on the ground floor of Hotel on Rivington in NYC’s Lower East Side, CO-OP Food & Drink is based on the co-operative principle of bringing together different services and products under one space for everyone’s benefit.

  • Summertime scene at Empire Hotel Rooftop before an event

  • Sunset View at Empire Rooftop Hotel in the summertime

  • Nighttime scene at Empire Rooftop Hotel before an event

  • Side terrace at Empire Rooftop Hotel

  • Empire Rooftop Hotel ready for the winter with glass structure up over the side terrace

  • The renowned Hotel Empire sign which is viewable from the rooftop

Empire Hotel Rooftop

Type: Hotel Lounge Rooftop
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

The perfect way to both experience and escape New York City. Opened year round and located on the 12th floor of the distinctive luxury Empire Hotel, the Empire Hotel Rooftop offers magnificent views of Lincoln Center and the bustling city below.

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop - Ivy Lounge Terrace NYC

  • pool bar terrace nyc

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop Bar

  • Red Room NYC

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop - Ivy Lounge NYC

  • Gansevoort Park Lounge

  • Pool Bar Terrace at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop NYC

Gansevoort Park Rooftop Lounge

Type: Lounge / Rooftop
Neighborhood: Gramercy

Within its expansive space, Gansevoort Park Rooftop offers multiple lounges with unobstructed views of the New York City skyline. These views include the Empire State Building and other iconic New York silhouettes. It's also been ranked as one of the best hotel parties in New York City.

  • The line outside of Highline Ballroom before a special event

  • Main area of Highline Ballroom in preparation for a concert

Highline Ballroom NYC

Type: Club/ Event Center
Neighborhood: Chelsea

The Highline Ballroom is a 700-capacity standing and 400-capacity fully seated venue located in the heart of Chelsea. Long known as the artistic heart of New York replete with its artist lofts, gallery spaces and charm, Chelsea was the perfect location choice for the space.

  • This is a booth on the 2nd floor of Hotel Chantelle in the Lower East Side

  • The main bar on the 2nd floor of Hotel Chantelle with plenty of comfortable bar stools

Hotel Chantelle

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Lower East Side‹

Retro in design and feeling, Hotel Chantelle is a neighborhood venue that encompasses the best characteristics of the Lower East Side. Unmarked doors at 92 Ludlow whisk patrons into The Lobby at Hotel Chantelle – a 1940’s style cocktail lounge that emanates sophisticated glamour.

Hudson Hotel Bar

Type: Hotel Lounge
Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen

A quintessential New York cocktail bar & lounge. Where sophistication meets modern elegance, the bar remains true to the hotel’s youthful feel with a high-energy atmosphere. The perfect place to take you from after work cocktails to late night DJs.

Hudson Terrace

Type: Night Club, Rooftop
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen – Midtown West

What better way to spend energized weekends in New York City than on this majestic rooftop. With its magnificent urban vista, Hudson Terrace is an unparalleled entertainment destination. Discreetly tucked at the edge of Midtown along the Hudson River, this rooftop club includes a snazzy bi-level drinking den with spectacular views and live music acts.

  • Aerial view of Katra

Katra Lounge

Type: Lounge / Hookah Bar
Neighborhood: East Village

Enter Katra and wander through its Mediterranean style, with all the furnishings being brought back from Morocco. Pillow strewn couches and intimate nooks dot the lounge. The mood is laid back with a distinct middle eastern vibe.

Le Reve Lounge New York

Type: Lounge/Hookah bar
Neighborhood: Midtown East

Le Reve is an exotic 4000 sq. ft lounge with intoxicating ambience that is reminiscent of scenes from Arabian nights. The mood is lit with beautifully intricate hanging lanterns giving one of the most romantic and euphoric atmospheres.

Maple New York

Type: Hotel Lounge
Neighborhood: Midtown

Maple (formerly Aspen Social) located inside the Night Hotel is a hidden gem among the hustle and bustle of Midtown. Rife with tree trunks along its walls, the inside of this lounge is designed to imbue the look and feel of a cabin situated in an infinity forest.

  • PS 450 Front Bar

  • PS 450 Front Bar Pix

PS 450 New York

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Midtown East

PS 450 NYC is an oasis off of Park Avenue South. This spacious multipurpose venue is a bar, restaurant, and lounge. As soon as you enter you’ll notice the main bar. Walk a bit further back and experience the fun and alluring lounge, where the party goes until closing time.

River Coyote

Type: Wine & Coffee Bar
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Taking a new and innovative approach to coffee and wine, patrons enjoy the streaming flow of fresh wine by the glass offered exclusively on tap, and enjoy the best coffee in the city. River Coyote carries 16 wines on tap, 7 craft beers, an exceptional espresso program plus a focused menu of food.

Rock & Reilly’s Rooftop

Type: Rooftop
Neighborhood: Midtown West

Located in the heart of the Garment District, Rock & Reilly’s is an upscale gastropub that invokes the communal spirit of an Irish pub infused with hip East Coast style. Encompassing 10,000 square-feet, the expansive venue includes an 8,000 square-foot terrace with a retractable roof. The largest of its kind in New York City, the patio will be one of the most sought after escapes in the Garment District.

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop - Ivy Lounge Terrace NYC

  • pool bar terrace nyc

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop Bar

  • Red Room NYC

  • Gansevoort Park Rooftop - Ivy Lounge NYC

  • Gansevoort Park Lounge

  • Pool Bar Terrace at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop NYC

Royalton Park Avenue Rooftop

Type: Lounge / Rooftop
Neighborhood: Gramercy

Within its expansive space, Royalton Park Avenue offers multiple lounges with unobstructed views of the New York City skyline. These views include the Empire State Building and other iconic New York silhouettes. It's also been ranked as one of the best hotel parties in New York City.

Sky Room Rooftop Lounge

Type: Rooftop Lounge
Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen

Sky Room is best known for being the highest hotel rooftop in New York City. The smart and lively atmosphere make this one of the most sought-after venues in NYC. It’s hard to ask for more while taking in the full 360-degree view of the Manhattan Skyline and Hudson River.

  • The lights are dimmed at Suite 36

Suite 36

Type: Sports Bar / Lounge
Neighborhood: Midtown East

Restaurateurs and Nightlife impresarios Dave Casey and Philip Quilter are bringing a sophisticated Restaurant and Events Lounge, Suite 36, to Midtown Manhattan. Named after the private suites that line the parameter and mezzanine of the space, this multi-functional venue will offer a relaxed yet refined setting to enjoy favorite athletic pastimes, dining and exciting Nightlife programming.

  • Main Seating area at Taj for bottle service

  • A look at Taj during dinner time

Taj Lounge

Type: Lounge
Neighborhood: Flatiron District

Standing out among other Flatiron lounges, Taj Lounge is the reinvented combination of a restaurant, lounge and event space. With opulent imported décor such as carved teak, woodwork, sandstone dancing shivas, and a magnificent mahagony and copper-topped bar, Taj Lounge transports its guests to the ultimate luxury of dining and nightlife inspired by India.

  • Summertime at The Attic Rooftop

  • The Attic NYC Rooftop

The Attic NYC

Type: Rooftop Lounge
Neighborhood: Midtown West

​A gem found atop the Midtown West city skyline, ​The Attic NYC is a new rooftop lounge hotspot that is perfect for after-work and nightlife parties. Th​is 5,000 sq. ft penthouse​ rooftop ​boosts captivating indoor and outdoor space​, designed and inspired by the Hollywood Golden Age.

  • the exterior of the DL in Nyc

  • the dl lounge in nyc

  • The DL Bar NYC

  • dl lounge nyc pool bar

  • the dl lounge 2nd floor

  • the dl pool at 95 delancey st in new york city

  • the bar at the dl nyc

The DL Rooftop

Type: Dance Club / Rooftop Lounge
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

The DL is a Rooftop Lounge located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It boasts two separate rooms that can operate independently or in conjunction with one another, accommodating a wide range of parties and special events. The DL is the perfect space for birthday celebrations and more!

  • Main Seating area at Griffin in NYC

  • Majestic picture of Griffin all lit up

  • Side seating area of Griffin

  • View of interior of Griffin with lights dimmed

  • Main bar at Griffin in NYC

The Griffin NYC

Type: Club
Neighborhood: Meatpacking

Located at 50 Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District, Griffin is a cocktail lounge inspired by the Gilded Age of the late 19th Century. Griffin plays host to a worldly mix of celebrities, artists, designers, and well-heeled patrons looking for a dapper crowd, specialty cocktails, dancing, and a decadent escape to a bygone era.

Troy Liquor Bar

Type: Bar
Neighborhood: Meatpacking District

Troy Liquor Bar is a throwback to a simpler time, when there were hippies, not hipsters; when the Meatpacking District was a full blown meat market instead of a crazy champagne brunch; when it was about hanging with your friends rather than snapping a selfie.

Venue Of The Month


Visana Lounge

Type: Speakeasy Lounge
Neighborhood: Gramercy

Visana is a luxurious organic speakeasy lounge hidden behind a nondescript storefront.


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