New York City’s Favorite Venues

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Halloween weekend 2014 is only days away!

Some of you still might not have big plans for this spooky weekend, no worries; you can still plan your ‘last minute party’ with Birthdays and Bottles. Like our last blog explained, it’s never too late to throw a party together. While you are making the guest list we will be picking the perfect venue for your special occasion.





New York’s night life is incredible. You can do anything from a fancy dinner with colleagues to raging night clubs with close friends. It’s mind blowing how lively this city is all the time.

Birthdays and Bottles works with a lot of different venues to make your partying experience epic. Whether you are celebrating a Halloween party or a Birthday, an experience you will never forget is guaranteed.

When picking the perfect venue you must ask yourself is this for business or pleasure? Do I want my guests to sip cocktails and socialize professionally or do I want them to let loose and break it down on the dance floor?

Well I am here to give you a little insight on some of our favorite venues and what they have to offer this incredible city that never sleeps.

First, we have Hudson Terrace. This rooftop bar offers a cozy lounge earlier in the evenings to get to know one another by socializing with cocktails. If you are looking for that more professional get together then Tuesday through Saturday from five p.m. to ten p.m. would be your prime time. On the other hand, if you are like me and love the nightlife that the clubs have to offer, then Hudson Terrace is the spot to be on Friday and Saturday nights. This nightclub is open until four a.m. so feel free to get loose and go crazy on that dance floor. Hey you only live once, why not live it up on the weekends?

Another Birthdays and Bottles favorite rooftop is the Attic. This rooftop and lounge has claimed to be ‘New York City’s newest nightlife and after work hotspot.’ With the amazing views of the city and the fabulous food, this rooftop is a must! This rooftop is located on the penthouse of the Hilton Garden Hotel offering a bi-level environment for guests to enjoy ‘The Attic’ inside or out. This relaxed atmosphere welcomes all types of events from birthdays to corporate.

Lastly, if the rooftop style does not interest you, then Ainsworth Park is the place for you. This is the perfect place for couples to come with their friends and catch up. While the girls are in one of the four private event areas sipping on cocktails, the guys can be downing some quality beer and enjoying the big game. This is also a popular place for bridal showers. With the convenience of the private areas you can unwind with your girls and enjoy quality food that will help ease all the stress that your big day brings. This restaurant is conveniently located in the middle of Gramercy/Union Square and is a must try!

New York City has so much to offer day and night. Hudson Terrace, Attic, and Ainsworth offer a unique array of venue styles that can accommodate any event; whether you are looking for that last minute place to rage in your epic Halloween costume or simply need a place to host the perfect bridal shower. Birthdays and Bottles are here to make your event planning process easier. Our job is to make sure your party is unforgettable, so you can worry about the more important stuff, like letting loose and living it up.

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