Planning a party takes time, patience, organization, and most importantly communication. If you are contemplating hiring a professional party planner to plan your special day, just be aware the communication through every channel is key. Party planners typically enter this industry because they strive for excitement and change. When pursing a top notch party planner it’s important  … Read more

Bottle Service with Birthdays and Bottles

Get into the Hottest Venues – When you book bottle service in NYC through Birthdays and Bottles, you can gain access to the hottest venues and clubs in the city, without needing to worry about lists or lines. Tenjune, Griffin, 1Oak, Avenue, Santos Party House, and dozens of other hotspots are all available.
Pay a Reasonable Price – Another big advantage of booking bottle service in NYC through an event planner is that you’ll always pay a reasonable price – you won’t encounter any end-of-evening markups to your

Planning an event at one of the top NYC lounges can definitely be a stressful experience. Think of all the details that have to be handled just so – decoration, music, entertainment, food; there are a thousand things that all have to work just perfectly if you’re interested in making your event truly unforgettable.

Planning a graduation party can be tough. First, you have to worry about securing the venue. Then you have to worry about securing the food and drink. You have to book entertainment that won’t scare the family, but won’t bore the guest of honor – it’s a tough balance to strike. That’s where Birthdays and Bottles comes in; planning an event at Slate NYC using their concierge event and party planning services has never been easier.

Whether you are looking for something simple like weekend bottle service at the Co-Op Rivington Hotel or something more elaborate like a birthday, celebration, or even a corporate event, Birthdays and Bottles can help. They are a one-stop shop for concierge service and event planning at all of New York’s hottest venues. No matter what sort of event you are looking to plan, they will be able to assist you.

Party and event planners and coordinators certainly are nothing new. However, most people think of them in the context of weddings, large birthdays, events of state, and other large and more formal productions. Companies like Birthdays and Bottles are changing this model, and making top-quality event planning services available to those looking to host their event in New York’s hottest club venues. If you’re looking to plan your special events at Hudson Terrace NYC, booking through Birthdays and Bottles will often end up saving you both time and money.