12 Signs It’s Time To Stop Binge Drinking

By Kristen Vergine,

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Whether it’s a night out with friends or your yearly birthday party, the main priority is always to let loose and have a good time. Sometimes we get so excited to celebrate that we consume more alcohol than we can normally handle without even realizing it. It’s not until the next morning when you wake up to some stranger in your bed that you realize you went too hard the night before. Here are 12 signs that show its time to stop binge drinking.


When you puke on the Bar:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking



One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, PUKE! Throwing up in general is extremely unpleasant, but throwing up at the bar is nothing but disgusting. Lay low on the shots and let everyone at the bar enjoy their drinks in peace.


When You Drunk Call Your Ex:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

The next morning you wake up with a blurry memory of the night before. You go to check your phone to see if you did anything embarrassing and you notice that you drunk texted your ex. Prevent yourself from the humiliation and get rid of the binge drinking…and your ex’s number.


When you can’t make it to the bathroom:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

Sometimes you just really have to use the loo, but there’s either a line out the door or your just too drunk to get there in time. Next thing you know your pants are all wet and your shirt is covered with the smelly remnants of that cheeseburger you ate for dinner.


When you don’t remember giving your number out:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

While your still partly functional, you see a cute guy/girl looking your way. The two of you begin to flirt and enjoy a few drinks together. As the night goes on and the drinking continues the two of you probably dance a bit, make out a few times, and somehow manage to exchange numbers without remember it even happening. You wake up the next morning with a text from some guy named Matt telling you he had a great time and there you are sitting there scratching your head trying to put a face to the name.


When you wake up to a stranger in your bed:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

While waking up to a text from a total stranger that you met the night before creeps you out, nothing compares to that terrifying feeling of waking up next to a complete stranger in your bed. Not only are you trying to remember what happened that night at the bar, but now your trying to piece together how you managed to leave with a random stranger and what you two ended up doing when you got home.


When the toilet becomes your best friend:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

Its all fun and games until your praying to the porcelain god. What could have been a successful night out with friends turned into an epic failure. Rather than going home to a cozy bed, instead you’re attached to the toilet while your friend is most likely holding back your hair. Avoid the misery and cut back on your drink intake.


When you cry and tell your whole life story to the random person sitting next to you at the bar:

Crying at the bar

You reach the point in the night where your so drunk that you begin to get all emotional and need to vent to someone, or anyone. While your friends are all letting loose on the dance floor, you head over for another drink and find a seat at the bar. You begin talking to the person next you about your problems, not caring if they are listening to you or not.


When you loose your phone & wallet:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

There is nothing more frightening then waking up the next morning to reach for your phone and it’s not there. At the same time you notice your wallet isn’t on your dresser where you normally leave it. Suddenly, you begin to panic and go room-to-room searching every corner. You try to retrace your steps from last night seeing if you can remember bringing your valuables home with you, but unfortunately everything seems like a total blur. Since you don’t have any clue where your things might be, you start calling all your friends hoping they will come save the day.


When you slur your words and can’t walk straight:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

You know its time to quit binge drinking when you can barely function as a normal human being. Speaking gibberish and needing your friends to carry you home gets old quick. Quit overindulging so no one has to babysit you.


When you fall asleep at the bar:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

You know you’ve had way too much when you have to be woken up at the bar. A bar is a place to go celebrate, not to go take a nap. Stay lively and drink responsibly.


When you make out with 5 different strangers in one night:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

No one wants to be remembered as the messy drunk who gets with every guy/girl at the bar. When you reach the point where you’re attempting have a sloppy make out session with multiple people, then its not only time to go home but also time to change your drinking habits.



When you feel like your life is over:

12 Signs It's Time To Stop Binge Drinking

You know that feeling when your head is spinning and pounding at the same time and there’s a sensation of nausea that won’t go away? You feel like it’s a slow death and while you sit there thinking like your life may be over, you promise yourself that you’ll never go hard again.


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