4 Different Types of Bars and Lounges in NYC

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1. The Cocktail Bar

Cocktail bars are the quintessential adulthood experience, right? Typical of movie scenes and novel pages, this after-work hangout place may not seem like it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Not every cocktail bar you’re going to walk into is going to be what you expected. The trick is to know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re hoping for something relaxed and refined, or something faster paced and busy, cocktail hour really can be the best part of the day if you do some quick research before walking in. One of our favorites in the Monarch Rooftop Bar, a spacious penthouse in Midtown with indoor and outdoor seating options.


2. The Nightclub

We all know that nightclubs in NYC can be a major hit or miss. You might go out all ready to get hype with your friends, and then the doorman ruins the whole night by not letting you in, or, when you do get in, things just are hopping’. But you see, this is where NYC is different. The night is always alive, and whether you are hoping to dance the night away, or host a party in an exclusive nightclub hotspot with a private room, there are lots of options. One of our favorite nightclubs/dance clubs, is Gansevoort Park in Midtown Manhattan. They even have an exclusive VIP Red Room that you can book through our service, Birthday’s & Bottles, for a special event.


3. The Gastropub

Gastropubs really haven’t been around for that long. The term didn’t even come into use until the 90s. Pubs used to be places for drinking and drinking only. We all know that there are those particular bars where you just don’t order food. If the drinks are good, the food is not. Well, the gastropub is the bridge between these two extremes. Since the 90s gastropubs have increased exponentially in popularity, and we honestly think they are a genius invention! Rock and Reilly’s is one of our favorite gastropubs in NYC, and you should definitely check this place out, because not only are the food & drink both phenomenal, the rooftop view from the heart of the garment district is one you won’t forget.


4. The Lounge

The lounge bar experience in NYC is really different than any other bar experience. Sleek, sophisticated, and refined, lounge bars usually bring out the more elegant side of people. You go to a lounge bar in NYC to indulge yourself in a swanky evening, not for a desperate night of clubbing. So dress up, get fancy, splurge, and get the NYC bottle service; you won’t regret it! If you want the ultimate lounge experience check out Slate Lounge at 21st and 5th, one of our favorite lounge bars in the city. And contact Birthdays & Bottles for all your venue booking and party planning needs. Trust us, we know this city inside and out.


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