5 Fun Halloween Party Tips

By Ally Abramowitz,

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It’s said that there’s magic in the night when the pumpkins glow by midnight…and you know what that means! Its time for Halloween in NYC! Everyone loves this holiday — this is a time of year to live your fantasies and be whoever you want to be, if only for a night. You can be any you want to be – and the next day, be able to return to your regular every-day life. One of the most hallowed (get it?) traditions during this time of year is the Halloween Party! Here are some tips for hosting the spookiest party of them all!

1. Decorate your venue!
Web covered doors, carved out pumpkins, ghosts, witches with brooms, and more! The possibilities for Halloween decorations are endless, easy and cheap to make! A good way to welcome your guests and let them know that they have arrived at your venue is to decorate the door of your party. Use a white garbage bag and cut our eyes like a ghost, or orange construction paper with black cutouts like a Jack-O-Lantern!

2. Make Halloween-themed food.
The best thing about any party is always the food! Halloween combines the use of candy that everyone loves with the creativity people enjoy most about their food! A cute and easy candy creation is to put a Reese’s’ Peanut Butter Cup upside down with a Pretzel Rod in it and call it a “Witches’ Broom”. Snacks like this are appropriate for all ages and are as good as they are cute.

3. Have Halloween cocktails.
Nothing says party like a cool cocktail to share with your guests! Mix Fireball and Apple Cider for a sweet and seasonal treat. Pour a Jello shot into your already made drink and prepare for it to ooze out into a Vampire Drink! Your party guests will be oozing and boozing all night long.

4. Participate in a costume contest!
The best way to show off the hard work you put into picking out your costume is to have a friendly competition and show off what you’ve got! These contests can get creative with categories such as: Best Couple, Best Group, Most Original, Scariest, Funniest, Least Recognizable, Best Last Minute Costume, and so many more! The prizes for winning could be anything from bragging rights to Halloween candy!

5. Have fun!
The most important thing to do in any party is to have fun! Don’t stress too much, because Halloween parties are all about letting out your inner weirdo, dressing up, and showing off your creative side!

Dexter Kozen said, “Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, Voices whisper in the trees, Tonight is Halloween” – the time to celebrate all things spooky and weird and have a great time! Check out our website for any and all of your party planning needs!

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