5 Things You Must Know About Guest Lists in New York City

By Savannah Mellberg,

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If you’re young and living in New York city, chances are you enjoy the night life. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of nightclubs in NYC to let loose and have a good time at and one way to ensure your entrance to these clubs is to know the ins and outs of the guest lists. Here at Birthdays and Bottles, we’ve put together an extensive list of five tidbits of knowledge, crucial to New York city guest lists from the do’s and don’ts to how to get on them and other questions you’re dying to know!


1. Being on the guest list does not always guarantee admittance
Your name on the guest list is just one of many factors considered by the doorman at the club or lounge. Lounges in NYC are looking for crowds who add to the atmosphere and if your party is too large, you have a bad attitude, or the club is already too crowded then your name being on the guest list may not matter. It’s also important to note that not being on the guest list is not an automatic rejection at the club’s door. If you look like someone who is going to bring the party with you to a club on a slow night, if you’re fun, and easy going, and if you look like you’re in it for the long haul, the doorman may still let you in. So to sum it up— being on the guest list does not make or break you.

2. How to get on the guest list
If you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking that going to an exclusive club and hoping they let you in because you look the part is not something you’re willing to test. You’re saying “but how do I get on a guest list?” Well you can use your connections with the owner or manager of a club— if you have them they’re a great asset that you should utilize. You can use a promoter however this option can be just as risky as hoping you get into the club without your name on the guest list. Promoters can be unreliable and sometimes they do not have the ability to persuade the manager enough to get just anyone into the club. The third, more reliable option, is to use a bottle service (like Birthdays and Bottles perhaps) that can help get you the night out you’ve always dreamed of. There are a handful of clubs that don’t really care whether you’re on a guest list; minimums are as high as $2K for a party of only 10 people.

3. Dress accordingly
It’s important to know that, whether or not you’re on the guest list, complying with the dress code is a must! Getting onto a guest list or getting access to an exclusive club is much easier if you look like you belong with the A-list guests. Do your research on the dress code of whichever club you’ll be attending but know that it’s generally expected that some effort was put into your attire.

4. Picking the right club
You’ll have an easier time getting onto the guest list of a club that fits your style and taste. Club owners and managers want people who make their club even more enjoyable so if you look for clubs that you’ll have fun at, the manager will be able to see that you’ll add to the vibe they’re going for. Make sure you research the types of crowds at any given club, the types of music they play, and the nights to be there. If you pick the right club for you, getting in will only be the beginning of a great night!

5. Who do you know?
Back in the day, everyone in a party had to be on the list. This is no longer the case! If you’re having a party (and say you used getting bottle service to ensure getting on the guest list) your name is the only one that has to be on the list. Invite all your friends and their friends— even if you don’t know their names— because the only name that needs to be known is yours.

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