5 Tips for Your Thanksgiving Feast

By Ally Abramowitz,

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After a long year, everyone’s favorite food-eating holiday has arrived! This is a time of celebrating our country’s history while gathering with family, friends, and loved ones (and amazing, home-cooked food) is one of the greatest times in the autumnal season and the whole year! Check out these ways to make your Thanksgiving dinner celebration the most memorable your guests have ever seen.

1. Decorate your table!

In order to add nice, small touches that make your event intimate and friendly, take every advantage of all of the Thanksgiving-related objects and decorate your venue for your guests! Some things you can use to add a little color and sparkle to your dinner table and dining area are turkeys (obviously), vegetables of all different colors and sizes, cultural references from the history of the holiday, and more! Use table-clothes and napkins in fall colors such as red, orange, brown, gold, and white to emphasize this time of year. Another way to decorate is to set up plates and platters in Thanksgiving colors as well!

2. Make holiday themed food and drinks.

Besides the regular turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans, and more, there are so many other ways to add fun and different themed food and drinks at your meal! Some fun foods to make are: Spiced Sweet Potatoes, Apple Bread Loaves, Oreo Acorns, and more. Other cocktails to make are: Apple Sangria, Apple Pie Wine, Pumpkin Spice Shooters, and so much more.

3. Send out decorative invitations and set up place cards.

Invitations are the first sign of how your night will go. To make them special, cut out turkey or cornucopia shaped invitations and include all of the details of your event! For place cards, cut out silver and gold squares and glue mini cutout leaves on them. Write each person’s name in fancy script and your guests will love to see such a nice touch on their table.

4. Give out favors.

To remember a night of family, friends, and love, give something that all of your guests will remember! It can be something small, like candy or cookies decorated in fall colors, to something big, such as decorated Mason jars filled with fall treats, other silverware or serving platters for your guests to take home and use at their next gathering!

5. Celebrate!

This day, besides all of the food and decorations, is about making memories and celebrating with the ones you love and don’t get to see during the craziness of the work year! Make sure to not drink too much if you’re the host but just remember, have fun!


On this day, it is important to celebrate all that you are thankful for, like food, friends, food, and parties! Tell the people you loved that you are so happy that they are in your life, and reminisce about your year and all the good it has brought to you and those around you. Check out our website for more great party planning tips for your other upcoming parties and events!

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