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New Year’s Eve in New York City is an experience like no other. Being surrounded by friends and family, with parties, drinks and a new beginning – what’s not to love?  Still, with overpriced cover charges, large crowds, and safety risks, some people are not entirely enthusiastic with the idea of going out on New Year’s. If there’s a will, there’s a way. You can still enjoy your New Year’s Holiday in your own home. Here are Nine tips on throwing the ultimate New Year’s at home extravaganza!Create Your
Guest List
It’s best to keep your party exclusive to people you truly want to bring in the New Year with. Be sure not to invite people who do not get along. It may seem like a good idea to invite everyone in hopes of settling issues and starting fresh on New Year’s, but if that doesn’t work it may create a negative atmosphere.
Excitement has consumed you. You’re thinking of every little thing your party may need and what guests will want. Take a deep breath and prepare a budget. This will create a structure for you to follow. Be precise; you don’t want to come up short with party supplies or food. It’s always better to have leftovers than to run out of refreshments or utensils during the party.
Decide on a Small but Sufficient Food Menu.  
Think of your guest list. Take in consideration the age group and appetites. You want to make sure you have food that your guest will enjoy. After all, you don’t want to bring in the New Year on an empty stomach!
Have a Themed Party
A themed party creates excitement for your guest by allowing everyone to feel more involved and connected with each other. Themes are also great conversation starters for people who may be meeting for the first time and help foster new friendships.
Feng Shui
Décor! Highly important yet oddly enough, one of the most neglected parts of the party planning process. An at home gathering requires more effort and time in creating a great party atmosphere. What are the colors, the hues? Are you making sure the décor relates to the theme of the party?
Be Your Own DJ
With the luxuries of technology today, music is not an issue. Turn on your favorite playlist, connect your device to a speaker and let the device be the unpaid DJ for the night.
Invest in Disposable Utensils
 There’s no rocket science to this one. Disposable utensils are notorious for gatherings. Though the desire to be good host may prompt you to use silverware, you should clean as you party. This creates a speedy clean-up process at the end of the function.
Liquor, Liquor, Liquor!! Did I mention Liquor?
Enjoy the party
Being a good host is not easy. You have to be sure to interact with all guests, keep the energy high, and make sure the music is right. The list goes on. However, don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself. You didn’t spend all this money and time to not enjoy your own party. Have Fun!

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