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New York City at night is a beautiful city-scape to behold. Sparkly lights adorn the streets and bridges of this spectacular city. Bars, dance clubs, hotels and event venues combine with the charm of the city.

If you are located in New York City and have an event coming up, a backdrop with red carpet will complete your event, giving it that special glitz and glam, NYC “VIP” atmosphere, whether you’re planning for a birthday, anniversary, award ceremony, movie premiere, company party, business event, or private event.

Step and Repeat LA works with New York advertising agencies and New York event companies, as well as private companies and customers all around the state who order step and repeat backdrops for their events.

Based out of Los Angeles, Step and Repeat LA has supplied step and repeats to thousands of night clubs and venues all around Hollywood. They are experienced and professional, providing top-notch, high-quality backdrops for the most prestigious events. They have also created thousands of backdrops for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, and more.

Although the company is based out of Los Angeles, over half of their customers order from the East Coast and they take very good care of their NYC-based customers. The have a 24-hour turnaround and offer FREE ground shipping, which takes 4 business days to ship to New York. (Faster shipping service is available as well.) They are a one-stop shop for event planners, providing high-quality backdrops and red carpets for many events around the U.S. All of their printing and fabrication is done in-house. No printing job is too big for them – they have one of the largest printers in the world.

They strive for excellent customer service, high-quality backdrops and products, and efficient installation services. They are passionate about their work, always perfecting their operations to create the best experience for their customers.

In the event production field, they understand how rush-rush-rush everything can be. They will make sure your project goes right, no matter what! With their 24-hour turnaround, they are there to help.


Benefits to having a step and repeat at your event:

· Your event will have that special NYC “VIP” feel.

· The guests attending will feel welcome and special.

· Your guests will have something to do (important!).

· “Red Carpet” mentioned on your invitation will get you more RSVPs.

· Your celebrity guests will feel like they belong.

· You can capture photos of your guests at the event.

· Attendees will have TONS OF FUN getting their photos taken!

· YOUR logo will be advertised on the backdrop!

· Your sponsors’ logos will be advertised on the backdrop!

· Get paid by your sponsors for including them on the backdrop.

· All photos posted to social media will be incredible branding and exposure for your company and your sponsors.


The Step and Repeat LA story:

At 14 years old, a young boy from Kansas named George Collins started painting signs to support his family. He created his own sign shop called George’s Signs.

At 21 years old, he moved to Los Angeles, continuing to paint and fabricate signs for buildings, storefronts and events. As technology advanced and printers came onto the scene, sign painting became less and less needed. George, keeping up with the times, bought his first print-cut machine, creating stickers and decals. As time went on, he purchased more and more printers and equipment.

George is the kind of person that would make anything go right, no matter what. He’s a problem-solver. And he’s fast. Super fast.

This was much needed as the film industry started evolving and more and more commercials were being made. George started making signs and props for the entertainment industry on a regular basis. He would go on set and had the opportunity to create props around celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, JZ and many more.

When red carpet events started really taking off, step and repeats were in demand as they created a nice backdrop for the celebrities, as well as showcasing the logos of sponsors who supported the events.

His daughter, Codi-Rose, who started working for him at this time, saw the huge demand for this new product and created a website specifically selling these products. It was a success. More and more clients were ordering step and repeats. Codi-Rose decided to create a spin-off company, Step and Repeat LA, in order to fully embrace this niche and deliver anything and everything having to do with red carpet events. While George still handles the production side of things, Codi-Rose continually works the administrative side to expand the business and further the excellence of the products and services. She loves working in the event industry, making things happen and providing the glitz & glam to Hollywood events and red carpet events around the nation.

George continues to keep on top of the ever-changing technology, recently having purchased a fabric printer and the largest printer in the world, in order to create seamless large step and repeats.

It’s interesting to see the dichotomy of a 14-year-old sign painter from Kansas and the evolution that ensued, resulting in the top step and repeat company for prestigious red carpet events. This company is backed by experience, hard-work, change, innovation and a new generation with a brand-new dream and purpose.

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