Communication with my party planner has only been via text. Is that shady?

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Planning a party takes time, patience, organization, and most importantly communication. If you are contemplating hiring a professional party planner to plan your special day, just be aware the communication through every channel is key.

Party planners typically enter this industry because they strive for excitement and change. When pursing a top notch party planner it’s important to search for someone who is categorized as a ‘people person.’ As the planner it is their job to contact many different people to pull together all the details of the event.

If you have reached out to your party planner and they have only responded to you via text, I would question dedication to your event. Professionals with a passion in this industry know the importance of communication on ALL channels:


Text: Texting is a very important aspect of our society today and I strongly believe this type of   communication is alright between coordinator and client, in moderation. If you just need to confirm a little detail or request a change to the guest list, a simple text will suffice. In othercases, such as catering contract agreements or pricing on venues, things that need to be discussed in more detail, should be taken care of by an alternative form of communication. This will help to ensure all the details are being presented.


Email: This type of communication is probably the most popular. Sending an email lets you, as   the client, be as descriptive or as brief as you need to be. A good coordinator will show their commitment and dedication to you, by sending back responses in a timely manner, addressing all issues, and    providing you with the adequate details. If you find yourself having to send multiple emails or it takes weeks between responses then that typically means your coordinator isn’t making you their priority, and you should seek out another coordinator.


Phone/Video calls: Communication via phone or video can help to lessen potentials for miscommunication. Any type of communication through written text can be misconstrued, causing issues between you and your event coordinator. Phone and video calls are especially beneficial to help speed up the planning process, because the coordinator can directly ask and discuss their questions and concerns to ou, as the client, to satisfy every aspect of the event to your liking.


Website/Social Media: Social media is a great way to market your business and see how clients are rating specific coordinators, but should never be the primary pathway of communication. Like texting, it leaves a lot of room for miscommunication.


Now, you might be thinking, “Well…my party planner is also working on several other projects, so they are very busy and don’t have time to respond to me.” This is a false mindset that you need to erase from your brain right away. Professional coordinators know what it takes to plan your perfect event.

As a coordinator, it is their responsibility to be very organized, have excellent time management, and be able to multi-task many different events at a time. Never let your coordinator tell you that they are too busy to meet deadlines or incapable of responding to your calls and emails. A coordinator who gives you responses like that should not be trusted.

Party Planners are meant to take care of all the details of your event and to ensure you are stress-free throughout the entire process. It’s important to do your research and decide on a coordinator who will cater to all your needs. Open channels of communication are key. It’s your responsibility, as the client, to find a coordinator who will pull of an event that you will never forget.

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