Enjoy Your Next Birthday With Bottle Service at 49 Grove

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Enjoy Your Next Birthday With Bottle Service at 49 Grove

Birthday parties are important, and making sure that everything goes right when you are planning one for yourself or a friend is extremely important. Selecting the right venue is one of the biggest and most important choices, and 49 Grove is one of the best selections you can make. Whether you’re looking to enjoy bottle service, or just relax, it is one of the most attractive and dynamic event venues in NYC. Here are some of their special amenities:

Bottle Service – 49 Grove has some of the best bottle service in the whole city; you will feel like a VIP every second when you’re sipping some of the world’s finest liquor in one of the world’s swankiest lounges.
Private Fleet – There is a private fleet of Mercedes, Maybachs, and Range Rovers ready to ferry you and your guests to and from 49 Grove, making transportation issues a snap.
Most Luxurious Environment – If Ralph Lauren had been a rock star, the resulting décor is what you will find on the walls of 49 Grove.

So the next time you’re planning a birthday or special event, check out renting 49 Grove to host your function.

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