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By Kristen Vergine,

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Whether you’re planning a summer wedding in Central Park or throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend, you will never have to plan alone. No matter what planning process you are going through, there are plenty of event organizers in NYC that will make your special occasion stress free and most importantly FUN.

An event planner is, quite merely, someone who organizes an event. When the word “event” comes to our mind, we may think of something remarkable, such as the Super Bowl, New Year’s festivities in Times Square, or any of the other major events we hear about or see on television. Of course event specialists are needed for all these events. However, event planners also work on thousands of smaller occasions. Any time people gather together for a purpose, whether it is for a wedding, a conference, a festival, or a formal dinner, someone is needed to manage all the details to make sure the event takes place and that it is a success.

Since majority of world-famous celebrities live in the U.S., it’s no surprise that the most renowned event planners are based mostly in New York. Although they earn publicity and are well-known for their work with celebrities or big-wig names, all are still available to the general public.

Being a party planner in one of the largest cities in the world is far from easy. With hundreds of different venues to choose from, NYC event planners have to carefully go through a long list to find the perfect spot for their client’s desired occasion.

Whether it is a wedding or business convention, events bring people together for a common purpose. Event planners work to ensure that this purpose is achieved flawlessly. To be a successful planner in the Big Apple, professionals have to take into consideration a variety of pieces. Before a planner can go ahead and pick a venue, they first have to start with a location. Maybe a client wants to throw a cocktail party on a rooftop that specifically gives guests a panoramic view of the city or maybe a customer is looking to host a private business meeting in a secluded space.  Once the location is picked, next comes the hard part; picking a venue. When searching for the right setting, planners have to look to find the ideal space that will match not only their client’s particular event, but will also benefit the client’s specific needs and wants. Party professionals will analyze a venue’s space, including capacity and indoor/outdoor availability, food and cocktail menu, as well the venue’s atmosphere and staff environment. Overall, they must coordinate every detail of the event, from beginning to end. For example, before a business meeting, planners will meet with clients to estimate attendance and determine the meeting’s purpose as well logistics such as registering guests and setting up audio/visual equipment for speakers. After the gathering, the attendees are asked to fill out surveys to provide feedback on what topics interested them the most throughout the entire event experience.

While it may not sound too difficult, being an event planner in the tristate is much harder than it looks. Thanks to these problem solving geniuses, you won’t have to plan your next event alone. These NYC party experts will take a load off your back and make your special occasion everything you hoped it would be and more.

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