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You’re bringing together a group of awesome people and you’ll be spending several  The Birch Coffee Cuphours together. Maybe you’re celebrating, dancing, or launching your latest business venture. Maybe it’s a combination of all 3, or none of them at all. Whatever it is, you know you want excitement buzzing through your crowd.

You’re sitting in your favorite coffee shop plotting out the specifics of your party, and there is warmth and life pulsing through the energy of the space. The shop is full of people creating, catching up, pausing mid-way through their day to re-fuel. It’d be perfect to take THIS energy and simply transplant it to your party, right? If only it were that simple.

But guess what? It is. At Birch, they agree. And have created the solution. The Cart by Birch is a mobile, full service coffee experience that comes with 2 baristas, down to dance in between expertly crafted lattes and pulling you a cold brew off tap. The best part: all they need from you is a standard electrical outlet in order to operate!

The idea came from their experiences at weddings, in particular, either at the brunch reception or toward the dessert end of things. A guy with an urn would come around and offer coffee, not particularly awesome in taste profile, luke warm, and it didn’t do much to elevate the energy of the room for the rest of the celebration, or to compliment the amazing food and cake experience that was just devoured by everyone.

After the initial concept of the cart, they took the idea one step further. It is so important that every aspect of an event dedicated to celebrating someone reflects a part of them, that it just makes sense that when serving coffee at their celebration, it should be roasted and profiled by them. They choose their menu, they should also create their coffee profile. So, Birch made that happen as well.

You can check out their video of the concept at

And to book The Cart at your next event, you can just email She’ll get you all set up. You can see Sarah in the picture down below, so feel free to put a face to a name 😉


Sarah at Birch Coffee

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