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Last Minute Parties in NYC: Why it’s Never Too Late to Book your Party


It’s Wednesday and you’ve had a long and stressful week at work and just need a break! Birthdays and Bottles NYC is here to give you the advice you need to leave that stress at the door and party like you’ve never partied before.

The weekend is just a few days away and you want to do something other than sit on your couch all weekend. You could clean the house, but what fun is that? You could catch up on some reading, but you did that last weekend. Well, why not host a party? Some of you might be saying, ‘She’s crazy! There is no way I can coordinate a party on such short notice.’

This is where we come in to say ‘Yes you can!’ First let’s think, do we want a small or big party? The size of your party will be the building block for the entire planning process. Once you have established the size of the party, we can look at themes.

1. The theme really can be anything you want. For example, casual, sports, dinner, or holiday/birthdays. A casual party could consist of inviting people over for drinks to unwind and catch up. You could request everyone to bring their favorite drink receipt and experiment with who brought the best drink. Holidays and birthdays are of course the best excuse to have a party, so why not plan a surprise party for your significant other or best friend. This would be a perfect last minute party idea, because you wouldn’t have to worry about spoiling the big surprise.

Next, you should put together a guest list. This will go back to our first question on size. Once you have created a list you must make sure the guests you have chosen fit in with the theme. If you plan to have a casual night of drinking fun with old friends, then it probably doesn’t make since to invite Janet from work that you make small talk with in the break room.


Now, let’s focus on location! Depending on the type of party we must think where the most appropriate place to host would be. If you are thinking your house, you must remember that means you are most likely going to have to clean before and definitely after everyone leaves. If you are thinking downtown, then call or email Birthdays and Bottles and we would be more than pleased to take care of this aspect for you. Parties can be booked up until the last hour with Birthdays and Bottles. Last minute parties are our specialty, and we would be happy to recommend venues. Why worry about location, when you have invites to send out? Invites don’t have to be sent via postage mail. With the party only being a few days away it would never get there in time anyway. Your best bet would be to utilize your resources like, the Internet and texting (or Whatsapp)!. This is the twenty-first century. It isn’t considered tacky to send a mass invite to your guests via text or Facebook. Just make sure you clearly state the time, date, theme, and location. It is also best to have everyone RSVP. This will give you a better idea on how to plan for the next step.

Food! Everyone loves it. We all need it. What is a party without it? Once, you have an idea of how many to expect, go buy food to fit your theme. If you are doing a sports theme with thirty people, you are going to want wings, chips, pizza, and of course lots of beer. Think about whom you will be accommodating and make sure there is enough variety for everyone to be able to choose what they want, rather than being forced to eat something they don’t like.

Last, but not least, have fun! Planning parties are supposed to be fun. You get to make the rules and bring your creativity to light. This is your time to relax and unwind from all the stresses of the week. Planning and hosting a party isn’t supposed to be a grueling process, so don’t worry about those little things that will go wrong! With Halloween just around the corner, you might want to rethink on planning a party. You should definitely consider being the host for this year’s costume party. It’s never too late to put together an awesome last minute party that will have people raving for weeks to come.

Ready to party? Book NOW.

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