How B&B Helps with Bottle Service in NYC

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Bottle Service with Birthdays and Bottles

Most people think that event planners like Birthdays and Bottles can only help with birthdays, bachelor parties, and corporate events. While they can and do handle these sorts of events, what most people may not realize is that they can even help small groups of people with things like arranging bottle service in NYC for a night out on the town. Working with Birthdays and Bottles can help ensure that you:

1. Get into the Hottest Venues – When you book bottle service in NYC through Birthdays and Bottles, you can gain access to the hottest venues and clubs in the city, without needing to worry about lists or lines. Tenjune, Griffin, 1Oak, Avenue, Santos Party House, and dozens of other hotspots are all available.

dl nyc pool bar
2. Pay a Reasonable Price – Another big advantage of booking bottle service in NYC through an event planner is that you’ll always pay a reasonable price – you won’t encounter any end-of-evening markups to your bill.


Visana lounge
3. Receive Real VIP Service – You’ll also be able to rely on receiving real VIP service when you reserve bottle service in NYC with Birthdays and Bottles; venues want our business, so they ensure to treat all our guests with a little extra attention.

NYC bottle service


Contact Birthdays and Bottles the next time you and your friends are looking to go out on the town. You’ll have your pick of the hottest venues in the city at a reasonable price. Book your party with us today!

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