Planning a Special Event at Co-Op Rivington Hotel with Birthdays and Bottles

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Whether you are looking for something simple like weekend bottle service at the Co-Op Rivington Hotel or something more elaborate like a birthday, celebration, or even a corporate event, Birthdays and Bottles can help. They are a one-stop shop for concierge service and event planning at all of New York’s hottest venues. No matter what sort of event you are looking to plan, they will be able to assist you.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for groups of people to be able to secure seating and tables at popular venues; after all, space is at a premium. Many smart partiers are growing wise to this fact, and use event concierge services such as Birthdays and Bottles to book bottle service at fine establishments like the Co-Op Rivington Hotel. Doing so will often be simpler, take less time, and ultimately cost less money than trying to run things on your own.

Above and beyond that, their skills extend to full on party and event planning and coordination. While they can certainly handle bottle service at the Co-Op Rivington Hotel for a small group of friends, they can handle a large corporate event for a hundred people equally easily – including catering, beverages, entertainment, A/V production, and everything else you would expect. Contact them today for further details.

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