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We invited our friends over at VIP Sparklers to share some information about their company with our readers. Thanks again for sharing guys!

VIP Sparklers was started in Miami, Florida where we were the first company to introduce champagne bottle sparklers to the nightlife scene. Our sparklers were a major hit in many nightclubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants in South Beach and other parts of Greater Miami. We soon had a sound following and many more nightclubs and lounges starting using our bottle sparklers to add something special on their night out, especially for those clients taking bottle service. Because of our products’ popularity, we saw a great opportunity to expand to the nightlife scene of New York City which is where our partnership with B&B began.

Based on client demand, we were able found a way to introduce a sparkler that was safe for indoor use which was a big issue at the time in New York. This champagne bottle sparkler is 100% ash-less and smokeless, making it safe at any and all events.

Our champagne bottle sparklers soon made a big impact on New York City. They were a must-have at some of the best clubs in the city, including 1Oak, Tenjune, Hudson Terrace, and The Boom Boom Room. As a party and event planner in the NYC with a client base that aways loves to add a little oomph to their events, Birthdays and Bottles continues to make our products available to many of their clients. Our products continue to be used for many different occasions, from celebrating a birthday to bridal parties and more. Even if you are throwing a small house party or event and plan to offer champagne and want to jazz things up, you can order our bottle sparklers in small packs of twenty-five to even a pack of six.

Over the past five years we’ve expanded with new offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Our product offerings have also expanded. We saw a need for a safe way to display their bottle sparklers, as most venues used rubber bands or twist-offs, which were very dangerous when using in a large nightclub. As a result, we designed a champagne bottle sparklers safety clip. These bottle sparkler safety clips attach to any size liquor bottle and are even reusable. This new product introduced a new safe and exciting way to celebrate at clubs!

If you have a last-minute party to plan and would like sparklers available, we offer express shipping and can make deliveries in one business day possible. To make an order and receive a discount, visit and enter the promo code ‘VIPBirthday’ on the checkout page. If you have any questions for us then please feel free to reach them via email at or phone 1-800-305-4737. Visit our site

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