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New York is one of this biggest, busiest places in the world, even referred to as the city that never sleeps by Frank Sinatra himself! Because of the continuous night life this amazing city has to offer, planning an exciting birthday party can be both exhilarating and terrifying which is why we at Birthdays and  … Read more

Secret Bars NYC

New York City is known for having a wide range of bars to choose from. The thing is, you wouldn’t be able to find most of them if you didn’t know where to look. As busy as NYC is, there is a lot more to see behind hidden behind random pizza places, underneath clothing stores, and  … Read more

New York City is infamous for its huge New Years Eve celebration every year at Times Square. Here are some facts about NYC and NYE.   For all of your NYC party planning and bottle service needs, whether it is on New Years Eve or any day of the week, get in touch with Birthdays and  … Read more

Life is stressful and sometimes you need to take yourself on a mini vacation to another world, where fine dining and fancy hookah will entertain you and your friends and help you to make great memories. Transform yourself to a world of Mediterranean paradise and try one of these great Hookah Lounge NYC locations for  … Read more

It’s said that there’s magic in the night when the pumpkins glow by midnight…and you know what that means! Its time for Halloween in NYC! Everyone loves this holiday — this is a time of year to live your fantasies and be whoever you want to be, if only for a night. You can be  … Read more

Whether it’s a night out with friends or your yearly birthday party, the main priority is always to let loose and have a good time. Sometimes we get so excited to celebrate that we consume more alcohol than we can normally handle without even realizing it. It’s not until the next morning when you wake  … Read more

6 Must-Haves To Survive A Hangover in NYC Its around 7a.m. give or take an hour and as your eyes shutter open a multitude of thoughts race through your mind; “How did I get home last night? Please let there be water in arms reach, how much did I drink? I hope I didn’t do  … Read more

  While it seems that EDM has taken over NYC clubs, there are still plenty of nightspots that are passionate about hip-hop just as much as you are.  In a city like the big apple, it can be tricky locating the perfect spot to let loose and bust a move. Luckily for any hip-hop fans  … Read more

  Looking to throw the ultimate birthday party in NYC that will wow your guests? To create the perfect party, a great deal of planning needs to take place prior to your celebration day. From themes to invitations, there are a number of details to take into consideration to make your birthday party successful. Even  … Read more

Planning your birthday bash in NYC? In a large city like New York, it can be daunting trying to find the best place to celebrate your special day. With an endless amount of options such as casual evenings, birthday dinners, or a night of infinite cocktails and dancing with 50 of your closest friends, there’s a  … Read more